Imagine a world...

Where employees can focus at work on the things that matter. Where purchasing a headset or a flight and expensing it is fast and easy.

Amex GBT Neo1 (Neo1™) creates a world where all of your spend management is in one place, built for you.

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From Managing Budgets to Purchasing, Expensing, and Reporting

There's no better motivation for us than to create a world, for people in businesses just like you.

Imagine now...

Empower your team to purchase the things they need to get the job done quickly and easily, while you stay on top of your business spend.

Fiona Hastings,
VP and General Manager at Neo1

  • One platform for spend management, built for businesses.

  • Delivers improved visibility over your cashflow.

  • Saves you time and money.

  • Offers unlimited users and unrestricted feature sets.

  • Supported by a comprehensive knowledge base and friendly customer success team.

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Better spend Management Solutions aren't just for bigger businesses anymore: when it comes to accomplishing your business goals, you should be able to benefit from the same tools trusted by major industry names.

American Express Global Business Travel offers Neo1, which has everything you need in one place.

Instead of multiple platforms to manage all your spend, Neo1 brings them all together. It helps you gain a master view of your employees spend and purchases. Neo1 helps facilitate employee travel cash flow, budgets, and reconciliation. Registering online for Neo1 is quick and easy, it only takes five minutes.

Once registered you can: track exactly how much cash your employees need to spend, and once approved, know exactly where it went

Dodge the inefficiency of manual receipts that are usually spread across many different vendors. Create accurate forecasts and improve spending decisions by uncovering hidden employee expenses that are easy to reconcile at the end of each month. See the balance of corporate card activity in near real time, far ahead of your statement cycle.

With Neo1 the considerable effort your business puts into managing employees spend is no longer necessary. In addition, Neo1 is built by American Express Global Business Travel so your traveling employees have 24/7 access to real people, helping them get from point A to point B; as well as the mobile experience, helping them along every step of their journey

Whether you're a small business with Big Dreams or a big business ready to stop sweating the small stuff, connect with us today to register for Neo1.