Imagine a world...

Where employees can focus at work on the things that matter. Where purchasing a headset or a flight and expensing it is done in a few beats of your heart.

Neo1 creates a world where all of your spend management is in one place, built for you.

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From Managing Budgets to Purchasing, Expensing, and Reporting

There is no better motivation for us than to create a world, for people in businesses just like you.

Imagine now...

Empower your team to purchase the things they need to get the job done quickly and easily, while you stay on top of your business spend.

Fiona Hastings,
General Manager at Neo1

  • One platform for spend management, built for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • That delivers improved visibility over your cashflow.

  • While saving you time and money.

  • With unlimited users and unrestricted feature sets.

  • Supported by a comprehensive knowledge base and friendly customer success team.

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