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End-to-end spend management technology 
for forward thinking businesses
All businesses spend money, but the smart ones use technology to help manage it
neo1 is a free-to-subscribe and user-friendly online solution designed to help growing businesses better monitor, approve, and reconcile their employees business purchases, from office supplies to booking travel

neo1 is a single platform which combines expense management, purchasing and travel booking to source, monitor and process all employee spend

Employee spend, often called non-strategic spend, covers lots of different types of purchases that are frequently low value and high in volume - the purchases that employees need to make to do their job. These can be cumbersome to manage with manual or multiple processes.

Businesses focus on the higher value items, but it is often the smaller purchases that take the most time to manage, and processing costs can be high.

neo1 addresses your complete employee spend in one place. It provides your employees with the ability to make purchases in line with company policy, and allows you to focus on growing your business.

  • Spend management with neo1 is...

    Travel and expense management

    Purchase business travel with a quick, simple search for flights, hotels and car rental. Then manage all your business travel expenses as well as other business spend using OCR technology to read receipts and payment integrations to automate the expense claim process.

  • Spend management with neo1 is...

    General purchase management

    From stationery, laptops, utility bills, mobile phones, training, or that emergency plumber! Employees manage their own spend from purchase, to justify and on to final processing. The visibility delivered helps assess business liquidity at any point in time.

Features at a glance
Spend Dashboard

Get a clear view of all spend on the home screen and understand where it is in the workflow.

Approval Workflows

Grant approval for employees to make specific purchases or to a specific value, before the purchase is made and create approved budgets by department, project, event, or even assign the budget to groups of employees to use. Supports pre-approval and post spend approval hierarchies, financial audit, and spend policy management.

Credit Card Data Import

Seamlessly import credit card transaction data for processing and reconciliation. neo1 supports all major credit card feeds.

Calendar Integration

Integrate business calendar applications to help build claims and justify spend.

Automatic Mileage Calculation

Easily create mileage claims with integration into online maps.

Spend Reporting

Quickly understand the business proposition with a set of visual report charts, a suite of pre-built reports for the most common data points, and an easy custom report builder for more complex analysis.

Travel Integration

Research and book travel online like any other spend, and gain access to 24/7 travel counsellors assistance to manage booking when help is needed.

Finance Integration

Easily connect to major finance systems for growing businesses, with built in integrations to enable smooth data flows, consistent, up to date and speedy reimbursement as well as payments. Sets up the business chart of accounts so all transactions are correctly coded. neo1 also supports the splitting of a single transaction across multiple spend categories and departments.

Self Implementation

Avoid a lengthly and costly software implementation project with a quick and easy self registration and onboarding process.

Connected technology you can trust

Connecting systems
The API enabled features offer businesses the opportunity to easily connect and integrate with existing internal systems, or external ecosystem partners.

PCI-DSS Level 1 certified
neo1 is PCI-DSS certified to the highest level, for complete confidence in storing sensitive payment data.

Built for speed 
Built with modern programme languages that enable Neo1 to process large volumes of data at speed.

Purchase ready
Make employee purchases easy, with online booking for business travel and integration to Amazon Business for general business supplies

From planning business purchases through to fully processed, neo1 provides a clear view of all spend at each stage of the workflow.
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Make purchasing easy with pre-approval and integration with suppliers


Justify spend from corporate card or out of pocket cash expenses and quickly assign relevant accounting codes


Manage spend approvals with workflows based on department, manager, audit requirements or policy


Final finance check to ensure that the justified spend is compliant with policy and accurately reported for tax purposes


Export processed spend for reconciliation in finance system