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    Market Positioning

    Organisations partner with us to; enter in to new markets, extend service to customers, and stay ahead of the competition. Neo1 has been designed to deliver benchmark distribution results across SME’s, and does not exclude larger enterprises.  We work with ISV’s, Payment providers and BPO’s to grow and realise additional revenue streams across your business. Our Industry leading low cost customer acquisition and on-boarding capabilities, allows for effective market growth, delivered with an ROI measured in months.  With the majority of businesses today not supproted by spend automation the market opportunity is there.

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    Distribution Power

    The platform helps business and their employees manage spend, delivering value from user experience, spend transparency, and processing efficiency, to address the > 90% of private sector businesses yet to take advantage of spend automation.  Today’s low adoption rates are created by the associated costs of traditional technology sales and implementation approaches and it is for this reason neo1 has been designed to enable cost effective mass market distribution.  The ability to set-up over 1000 companies in <1 second and delivering an online, self service set-up process for companies in under 15 min is compelling.

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    Customer Onboarding

    Today’s available technology has been given a boost thanks to the take up of social media over the past decade.  Neo1 leverages these advancements, taking the learnings in social media and UX design in to the B2B spend management space to deliver a “morphed” sales and implementation process, online in 15 min.  The platform comes complete with all the sales, on-boarding methodology, best practice and industry leading customer implementation toolkits to help make everyone successful and to realise value fast.

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    Ecosystem Value

    Knowing the value end customers and their employees receive from the platform is critical in positioning the service.  Greater spend control, reduced administration time, improve efficiency, greater accounting accuracy, optimise user adoption, and cost savings are all delivered to both customers and their employees when using neo1.  The true value however sits with the partner, how neo1 is positioned in their business to grow their customer value and in return value to their business, and this is where neo1 excels.  Noe1 is not just a powerful spend management platform for corporate it is a ecosystem platform for partners.

Partner Resources

High speed distribution

SMEs are the largest business community in the country. There are more than 10 million small to medium sized businesses in the US and Europe, accounting for 99% of all private sector companies according to the Federation of Small Businesses & Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

There is a huge opportunity for payment providers, ISVs and BPOs to leverage greater value from this lucrative market. These companies need greater control over their four biggest challenges – liquidity, access to capital, cash flow and time – and better management of their tail-end spend.

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neo1 for Banking Partners

Issuing banks have for many years helped corporates better manage business spend via the use of corporate T&E and P-cards coupled with spend management technology.  Today however SME’s receive the benefits of little more than static reporting solutions to help them manage their payment program mainly due to the cost and complexity of distributing and setting up expense management and payment control solutions.  Given SME’s represent the largest business community and in turn spending group, it makes sense for banks to offer valuable solutions to this market to help them better manage spend and secure payment volumes and improve customer retention. The neo1 offers a cost effective complete solution to issuing banks to support growth across their payment products while giving the control to SME’s in managing their spend, beyond simple reporting.

Download our neo1 Information Sheet that outlines how we have addressed the key challenges of addressing the SME market for payment providers here: neo1 – BankingProductSheet

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Implementation Templates & Toolkit

Our focused methodology to implementation follows a PRINCE2 framework and is supported by over 20 years of technical experience in business spend management globally.  Our implementation is defined in two stages and focused on achieving results:

Stage 1: It is all about partner enablement

Stage 2: It is all about the end customer and user adoption

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