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    Spend Management

    A spend management platform built for small to medium sized business (SMEs), delivering control and transparency over a businesses expenses, made available to SMEs through partners such as Banks, Telcos, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Business Process Outsourcing vendors (BPO). neo1 has been built to manage non-strategic spend simply, and and is unique in being able to cost effectively service the the SMEs market.

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    We are focus on delivering the greatest value to partners and customers. This is achieved though our focus on the spend process and being innovative where value, performance, and customer experience drive everything we do.  We have over 20 years experience in technology development across  sourcing, payments and finance.

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    We are passionate about new, value-add technology.  We are not afraid to challenge the norms in B2B tech design or learn from consumer trends. We leverage technical advancements from all industries; consumer, social, financial, gaming, anywhere there is a valuable application, and apply it to the B2B spend management space. On-boarding 1,000 customers in under 1 second, with a cost-effective distribution model is proof that our passion = your value.

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    To effectively service SMEs and their employees, we needed to manage their complete spend, not just T&E but all non-strategic spend categories. Our aim is to achieve this without the complexity or cost of enterprise solutions but with the value. We deliver complete spend management inclusive of tax, workflows, payment controls, approvals and reconciliation in one place, all supported by our best practice on-boarding tools.

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