Understanding the spend ecosystem can save time and money!

KDS, the company behind neo1, has spent more than 20 years navigating the business spend ecosystem from travel and payments to finance system integration. The following diagram illustrates how complex this system can be, the dependencies and connectors that are required to take a buying decision from A: ‘I need to book a facility for team training’ to Z: ‘that purchase is confirmed, the training is complete, paid for, tax collected and appropriately accounted for in your company accounts’. All of this takes time to understand, and technical strength to bring together to offer a compelling user experience.

It is this experience that is called upon to create neo1 a complete spend management platform designed to be used by all businesses not just the big ones that can afford it.  After all why should the benefits of spend automation be only available to large enterprises?  This was the question that drove the development of the neo1 service, making a complete spend management platform accepting of the complicated ecosystem above but packaged in a way to make it cost effectively available to millions of businesses around the world.  The result is an 80% saving on managing spend saving you time and money from bringing the complex world of spend together in neo1.

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