Februry 2017

This month was all about enhancing the “smarts” of neo1!

For most business buyers or travellers we do the same things all the time, we do the same trips, order the same sorts of food, tend to prefer to say in the same places, and buy from the same suppliers.  We are more predictive then we realise.  This month was all about taking the effort out of meeting our companies financial coding needs.  Every expense needs to be accounted for, accurately, appropriately and in a timely fashion allowing finance to close the books for the month and ensuring the business accounts are accurately reflecting the expenses that are being incurred.  This month was all about enhancing our default coding and predictive coding capabilities as detailed below.

Focused on the Administrator, initially we have enhanced many of the settings screens to accommodate the complexities of how we can more accurately predict coding for any configured financial segment from a variety of sources.  Although the Administrator was our focus the end value and benefit once this feature is established is the end user – saving them a lot of time, confusion and improved accuracy of their expense justification process.


Things to know if you are a neo1 Customer!

Things to know if you are an End User:

  • when you create a new “personal pay” item for reimbursement or validate / .
  • Smart distribution!  It is a common situation for users to have to split costs for a training event or marketing activity across various product lines, projects or between departments.  In Neo we have enhanced our distribution capability to be smart – allowing splits by % / Value and predicting a shared split as soon as you add a split like by selecting on the “+” in the list view for a transaction.  Further all detailed distribution work is copied automatically when you need to itemize an expense across various spend types.  Saving users time and increasing the accuracy of your spend allocation in your business.
  • Items / rows can be deleted by selecting on the delete icon.
  • All items need to balance with the header record for submission
  • Multi currency single transaction itemization / distribution is not supported, for users who like to add items to a single personal pay record please create a new item for new source currencies.

Things to know if you are an Administrator / Finance:

  • Review the itemization capabilities for users and familiarise yourself with the function – some personal follow-up with key end users may be needed to remind them of the platform enhancements and they it is easy to use.
  • Review the distribution capabilities for users and familiarise yourself with the function
  • There are no configuration changes required to enable this capability.

Things to know if you are a neo1 Partner!

  • The itemization and distribution enhancements represents a major step in formalising Neo as a solid and comprehensive spend management platform beyond Travel expenses.  There are no configuration or setting updates required to take advantage of this capability.

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive maintenance activities during the month focused on enhancements to our automated product packaging and release management ops.  Operating under a continual development agile framework, and close to daily frequent release process places considerable expectations on our ability to automate the packaging, checking, reviewing, checking again, and finally release of our platform in to production.  The process needs to be secure, efficient, covered in QA, and repeatable not to mention super efficient and effective, oh and did we mention covered in QA if not the process must be covered in QA.  This month the team made considerable improvements to this process adopting some super tools to help us deliver the best platform on the market today and also leave the others reading our release notes!

Reactive maintenance updates this month cover:

  • ID: 877: Itimisation auto errors – List View
  • ID: 788: Distribution tax calculations – List View
  • ID: 843: Financial segment validation – mandatory list – List View
  • ID: 839: Presentation updates to % splits – List View
  • ID: 827: Removed Auto Save capability – replaced with Save button – List View
  • ID: 851: Added missing receipt justification make mandatory – List View

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