March 2017

The focus this month continued on reporting, or more specifically making our reports work for the users we support.  Providing valuable, timely insight in to spend activity in order to help them do their job.

With the enhancements made to the graphical reports for all user roles, end users, finance representatives and administrators information specific to what spend is happening where, on what, and by who has ever been easier to access and see – putting you in control of your spend.

Theme = Make reporting in to business intelligence and make if visual!

  • Use Case: Present a complete visual dashboard of spend information to all user roles making it easier and faster to make important business decisions
    • Present a graphical dashboard of Spend by User – Who is spending
    • Present a graphical dashboard of spend by Location – Where are people spending
    • Present a graphical dashboard of spend by Merchant – Who am i spending with

The reporting engine leverages recent advancements in large scale data management.  Managing over 7 years of financial spend data and making this available to all users online in real time was a core requirement and with the work done on our design and architecture this has been realised for our broad user community. Efficient online real time reporting for mass data with out the wait, scheduling of batch updates or need to use expensive 3rd party visualisation tools was achieved this month and is a core new feature of the neo1 platform.

The below images illustrate the recent updates to our reporting module in neo1.

Things to know if you are a Neo Customer!

If you are an End User:

  • Charts are predefined and include data for the past 180 days across all payment type configurations
  • The default view of charts is for your spend, if you wish to view the spend of your approvals select the button on the top “Authorization View”
  • In the case were there is insufficient data available the chart will indicate this as an overlay message ” insufficient data available to produce chart view”
  • If you hover over the chart details the specifics of the spend values and transactional counts can be viewed for each category

If you are an Administrator / Finance:

  •  By default you will see all spend  for all users and payment configurations for your company, if you wish to see just your spend select on the “My Expense View” in the top right hand side of the screen.

Things to know if you are a Neo Partner or technically minded!

  • All report chat details are available via an API so you can easily export this data to inform other 3rd party systems and platforms in real time, giving you complete flexibility and scope to integrate the spend data in neo1 in to your core platforms

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive maintenance activities during the month are detailed below:

  • DEV-267 Updated chart hover over decimal place presentation
  • DEV-360 Updated the date time management strategy for the platform to better support a multinational context and user base

Reactive maintenance updates this month cover:

  • DEV-276 0% Transaction Audit  rule was found to some times trigger transactions for review by finance
  • DEV-263 When connected as a Domain Admin – home redirect from LHS menu was not functioning correctly

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