December 2016

Things change and so do employees so this month our focus was on major enhancements to the management of user profiles in a business.  Although the direct benefits are for the Administrator this month end users will see the results with more accurate profile information, default coding and approval settings all delivering a more efficient expense process to individuals and the business.

 Theme = User profile – getting it out there fast.

The below is our newly updated User Profile management view for Administrators.  Ket features remain however there are some noticeable additions that we hope will make Administrator life faster, easier and quicker when managing your program.

Things to know if you are a neo1 Customer!

Things to know if you are an End User:

  • You can view your Neo User details from your profile menu on the LHS of the application.  Most of these details are maintained on your behalf by your business.  This month we made some considerable improvements to how these details are managed by your company administrator.  As a result you should see more accurate and up to date profile information in the platform.  If not please contact your Administrator.

Things to know if you are an Administrator / Finance:

  • Added: upload profile interface from the User many allowing you to make bulk changes – updated to your user community.
  • Added: profile download capability allowing you to download your user profiles from the neo1 platform in a single click.  This is for most companies the fastest way to do a review update and them refresh of user / company changes as businesses re-organise or when you have multiple updates to staff changes.
  • Added: re-invite button to each user profile allowing you to resend the neo1 invite to them in the event that they lost there initial invitation to log on and authenticate themselves
  • Added: Last log on date presentation in view – allowing you to quickly see when was the last time a user logged on and accessed the platform

Things to know if you are a neo1 Partner!

  • All User profile infrmation can be created, changed and deleted by an API you dont need to alwasy use the UI or a traditional file interface.  This API enabled capability makes it super efficient to syncronise profile information between systems and platforms.  Please refer to our API libruary in our “Developer” page of our neo1 knowledge site for more infromation

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive maintenance activities during the month focused on enhancements to our security management program, release management triggers, timings and procedures, as well as further performance testing to support our automated packaging process.

Reactive maintenance updates this month cover:

  • ID: 911: Removed image link icon from list view and replaced with word discription
  • ID: 934: Updated and fixed issues in expense process counters
  • ID: 333: Updated and fixed reconcillation view for extract creation
  • ID: 989: changed referance to extract file name convntion and linking
  • ID: 991: Fixed error message on submit when image is “too big”
  • ID: 964: Added discriptor to error when you submit an expense with no approver configured
  • ID: 1001: Allowed for user creation with NO validation on default financial segments
  • ID: 0037: Moved location of Amount data entry field on list view for users

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