January 2017

The team focus this month surrounded bringing in to the neo1 UI key Partner Administration features, allowing for efficient end effective creation, administration and support of partner customers.  Being year end we had a short sprint over the christmas and new year period, as such consolidated our updates across December and January to welcome in the new year with a strong focus on our partner success.

Theme = Partner administration

  • Use Case: As partner who offers the neo1 service to their customers, either as an extension of current platform or as a separate service offering we need to ensure that the UI offered to partners (Domain Administrators) is simple, clean and easy to use.
    • As a domain administrator i wish to create companies and establish users quickly efficiently online
    • As a domain administrator i wish to be able to access companies within my program as well as become specific users ini order to provide efficient and effective support services
  • All capabilities to create companies, create users are available as an API allowing partners to seamlessly integrate the creation and on-boarding of customers and users as an extension of their core systems and user / customer experience or in a self service capacity.

The below images illustrate the Domain Administration User Experience:

Things to know if you are a Neo Customer!

Then neo1 platform is built to offer partners (companies that distribute our platform) efficient and effective administrator in order to ensure you get the best service and support possible.

  • Your program may be established seamlessly as part of your corporate credit card program, your business banking relationship or as part of your payroll,  HR  or finance system extension.
  • There value of the work this month was to make it simple and effective for our partners that offer you neo1 to support you, figure out what is going on when you need assistance and keep you spend management program efficiently under control.  Letting you focus on the more important things like running your business

Things to know if you are a Neo Partner!

  • the neo1 platfomr has the following structure:
    • System – This is the heist level of administration, a system admin can create domains and domain administrators
    • Domain – These are typically distributors of the neo1 platform or in the case of global partners regional groups of distribution networks and companies.  A domain administration can only create and administrate companies and users from within the domain.
    • Company – The end consumer of the neo1 platform from within this structure users and transactions are safely and securely stored, grouped and managed.
  • A domain admin can easily search on, review and manage companies within their program.
  • A domain admin can also search on and select a user from within a company so that they can “log-in-as” that user to obtain direct replicated insight in to what they see to support effective help.
  • All actions at all levels are date time tracked for audit purposes so there is no issue about not knowing who or what was done in neo1 at any time.

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive maintenance activities during the month focused on:

  • DEV-303 Update user details as Domain triggered UI errors
  • DEV-277 Update user approval and review email notifications
  • DEV-202 Remove “Re-invite” button for users in the pending-activation status
  • DEV-222 Update API error message for user can not be used in this context = HTTP 500 / Need bad request
  • DEV-212 Update charts to present Insufficient data to populate chat if there is no data to report on
  • DEV-44 Performance test updates

Reactive maintenance updates this month cover:

  • DEV-292: Supervisor ID error when approving transactions at Review stage
  • DEV-205: Extract fine inconsistently being created in the UI
  • DEV-214: User load file from sample HR broken
  • DEV-188: Auto build errors to be addressed and fixed

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