Deliver value quickly

Getting started with neo1 is quick and easy.  Within 15 minutes a company can start to manage their business spend effectively, efficiently reducing the cost of managing a purchase to less than $6.  When you consider that the majority of business spend is non strategic (lower amounts) this adds up to considerable value:

Saving time on chasing and processing spend; time which most businesses could use doing important things.

Delivering full visibility across expense commitments beyond just payroll; helping plan for where the company’s cash needs to go.

Optimizing tax reclaim and improving month-end accounting accuracy; making the most of all the company’s cash and understanding where the business is really at in terms of the numbers.


neo1 is easy to implement, ur on-boarding process has been specifically designed to enable a business with say; 100 employees to be fully implemented within 15 minutes.  We have been helping business manage their spend for over 20 years and this experience is used to deliver to companies a “fit for purpose”, fully configured platform that supports all the expense types, tax and policy configuration needs of a business. Businesses are given a pre-configured template that are not just “one size fits all” they are adapted to support a company’s industry segment, size, and spend culture.  In addition, they can be adjusted further online at any time. To get a feel for how we achieve such rapid implementation, please check out our ROI Assessment which delivers a comprehensive and customized report covering the value our platform can deliver and is the basis for how we figure out what spend management setup best suits each company’s needs.

Most companies have no idea how much they waste managing and chasing non-strategic spend.

The neo1 platform is designed to turn this waste into value, along with better focus and full control across financial commitments. The business regains time and money to help focus on the important things, like growth and innovation. NEO1 TEAM

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