High speed distribution

SMEs are the largest business community in the country. There are more than 10 million small to medium sized businesses in the US and Europe, accounting for 99% of all private sector companies according to the Federation of Small Businesses & Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

There is a huge opportunity for payment providers, ISVs and BPOs to leverage greater value from this lucrative market. These companies need greater control over their four biggest challenges – liquidity, access to capital, cash flow and time – and better management of their tail-end spend.

Neo1: a new way to help your SMEs manage business spend

Neo1 is a cutting-edge spend management technology developed specifically for partners, which can be efficiently and effectively distributed to capture the value across SME customers.

Uniquely, neo1 combines complete end-to-end expense management, comprehensive payment controls and reporting, to offer SMEs valuable spend control and real-time business insights, without the complexity that traditional technologies bring.

Why add neo1 to your product portfolio?

  • Highly desirable: neo1 offers innovative technology usually restricted to large corporations at an industry-leading commercial price point.
  • Minimal set-up requirements: with our API-first design and rapid on-boarding process, neo1 can set up tens of thousands of companies in seconds, configured to the needs of each customer.
  • Increase SME customer retention by helping them control their costs, allowing them to focus on growing their business.
  • Easily scalable; neo1’s low cost distribution and scaling capabilities give you a powerful differentiator over other payment providers in the market.
  • Beyond SMEs: whilst neo1 has been specifically designed to deliver on the needs of SMEs with its X-company reporting capabilities, you will find even large customers can take advantage of the platform.


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