What we do is great, but we know it will be better if we let others create too…

neo1 is an API First platform; think of it as having the best engine in the world that can be placed in to any car.  We obviously have our own body (UI) that we are very proud of and users love, however being an API centric system we are able to commercialise the capabilities of neo1 easily allowing anyone to talk to the platfomr, build off it and integrate it in to customer experiences beyond anything we could think of.

As a technically minded partner or customer, you have the capability to call any of the neo1 capabilities from any 3rd party platform.  We have a developer “sandpit” environment for developers to use, supported by a ocumentation set of our API’s, published in gitbook.  Please contact us if you would like to have access to our “sandpit” and supporting API tutorials and documentation.

The neo1 platform has been built with an API First approach, every feature in the platform is an API open to partners and customers to use and drive the platform from any user interface.  The following list represents the most commonly requested and applicable API’s available in the platform centric to processing business spend.

The list is not exhaustive, new API’s can be requested and are added to the platform on a regular basis. The list below is focused on those API’s that are most commonly used by End Customers, additional Partner and Administration level API’s are also available on a request basis.

API function name Functional Overview
set_expense_configuration Set expense settings for a given company
get_expense_configuration Get expense settings for a given company
emit_tx_event Send an event to the payment api (ie. new personal cash payment, credit card transaction…)
update_tx Update transaction specific properties
get_tx Get an existing transaction
del_tx Delete an existing transaction (note: only some specific transactions types can be deleted ie. personal cash)
get_user_tx Get all transactions for a given user
transfer_tx_owner Transfer the ownership of a transaction
submit_tx Submit a completed transaction for approval
get_tx_for_approval Get all pending transactions for a given supervisor
get_tx_for_review Get all pending transactions for finance review
approve_tx Approve a transaction
reject_tx Query a transaction back to the transaction owner
review_tx Validate at finance stage an approved transaction
comment_tx Add a comment to an existing transaction
set_segment Update or define an accounting segment
get_segments Get all defined accounting segments for a given company
set_segment_value Create or update a segment code for a given segment definition
get_segment_values Get all segment codes for a given segment definition
del_segment_value Delete a segment code
del_segment Delete a segment definition
del_segment_user_default Delete a user default coding
del_segment_nature_default Delete an expense type default coding
set_segment_user_default Set a user default coding
set_segment_nature_default Set an expense type default coding
set_user_favorite_expense_nature Set a favourite expense type for a given user
get_user_exn_configuration Get all expense types configuration for a given user
get_segment_defaults Get all defaults coding for a given segment definition
get_user_tx_defaults Get all default coding for a given user
set_reimbursement_policy Create or update a reimbursement policy
get_reimbursement_policies Get all reimbursement policies for a given company
del_reimbursement_policy Delete an existing reimbursement policy
set_mileage_policy Create or update a mileage policy
get_mileage_policies Get all mileage policies for a given company
del_mileage_policy Delete an existing mileage policy
transfer_owner Transfer company ownership to another user in the company
get_countries Get all supported countries
get_currencies Get all supported currencies
get_taxes Get all taxes defined for a given company
set_tax Create or update a new tax definition
del_tax Delete an existing tax definition
set_exn_configuration Update an expense type configuration
del_exn_configuration Delete an existing expense type configuration
get_exn_configurations Get all expense type configuration for a given company
set_credit_card_account_configuration Create or update a credit card account
set_personal_cash_payment_configuration Create or update a personal cash payment configuration
get_payment_configurations Get all payment configuration of a given company
get_payment_configuration Get an existing payment configuration data
del_payment_configuration Delete an existing payment configuration
lock_unlock_credit_card_account_configuration Lock/Unlock an existing payment configuration
set_credit_card_user_mapping Map a credit card number to a specific user
get_credit_card_user_mappings Get all credit cards mapping for a given company
del_credit_card_user_mapping Delete an existing credit card mapping
get_payment_configuration_report Get a reconciliation report for a given payment configuration and a billing period
extract_tx Proceed with the extract of the transactions for a given payment configuration and a billing period
get_payment_configuration_tx Get all transactions for a given payment configuration
set_user_supervisor Set a user’s supervisor
new_receipt_upload Create a new receipt upload process, which enable to send the image directly on the file storage
new_receipt Create a new receipt data
update_receipt Update an existing receipt properties
get_user_receipts Get all user receipts data

For more information about the Neo platform please contact us info@kdsneo.com

Release date: 07 Feb 2016

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