For developers – Rest API’s

1. Neo for Developers

The Neo platform has been designed and built leveraging an API first approach, in simple terms everything Neo is done via an API.  This makes the Neo platform open, allowing customers and partners to interact with it, extend its value, and seamlessly connect the Neo T&E engine with other business systems such as CRM, Finance and workplace platforms, and to streamline the customer and user on boarding and registration process.

Today Neo has over 200 publicly available API’s allowing customers and partners to do many valuable and wonderful things.  On this site you will find documentation of how to set-up your developer site, guidelines on being a good Neo API Developer, and full documentation of the most common API’s that you can access.  If you can not find what you are looking for to super charge your Neo experience, please first register for a Developer Licence and contact us using the details below and we will figure out what we need to do together.

2. Getting started with our API's as a good Neo Citizen

To get started with our Developer API’s you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Implement Neo and have a production program in place first set-up and configured for your business
  2. Request a Neo Developer Licence by emailing, reference your Company Name and Neo ID which can be found on your Company page in Neo as an Administrator. Depending on the size of your program we may ask for a Developer contribution to be paid, this is simply to cover the support we will make available to you as you are working with our API’s.  The Developer Licence Terms & Conditions can be viewed at NEO Developer Terms & Conditions.
  3. Once we have validated your program we will establish a Neo Sandpit for you and provide you with your Developer authentication credentials which we ask that you keep safe and secure.
  4. Once you have your sandpit and access, you are free to play and extend the value of your neo program.

The below is an example of the basic API that gets  / sets user details in Neo.


    $scheme = Everything::to('general/scheme');


    Everything::to_('general/scheme')->value = 'dark';

3. Endless Possibilities

Beyond the common API set outlined on this site we have an extensive engine that for super charged Developers we are happy to work with you on, such advanced API integration includes but is not limited to:

  • Auto Customer Creation
  • Auto User Creation
  • Transaction data augmentation
  • Approvals and Workflow segments

Examples of these Advanced API’s include:


    add_filter('MARKDOWN_HASH1e39bdb01395b1958abb4858f46eb186MARKDOWN_HASH', function($icon) {
        $icon['image'] = 'picture';
        return $icon;


    add_filter('MARKDOWN_HASHdc8aec1e7e5380af5bc497090dc9350eMARKDOWN_HASH', function() {
        MARKDOWN_HASHe70c4df10ef0983b9c8c31bd06b2a2c3MARKDOWN_HASH array(
            '16_46_16' => 'My layout',
            '18_78'    => 'Other footer layout'

You can read more about using the Neo API’s by accessing the API documentation presented on the right.

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